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How should I send my Artwork in?

Digital Files:

  • Adobe Illustrator files (vector art with paths) in an EPS or AI format with all fonts converted to outlines.
  • Adobe Photoshop files in EPS or TIF format in a 300 resolution at the actual size.
  • Please list the fonts used if you know them.

B & W Printouts:

  • 300 dpi resolution at actual imprint size.
  • Please make sure the art is crisp and clear.

This almost never works:

  • JPEG / GIF / Bitmap images that you have dragged off of a website or someone else has given you in a low-resolution format.
  • We usually have to recreate these logos from scratch which may incur artwork charges.

Please Do Not Do This: Take a small-size, low resolution/jagged image and change the name to have an “.eps” or “.ai” extension. This does not change the file type.


What if I cannot get the artwork in the correct format?

Provide us with whatever you have and we will evaluate and let you know what needs to be done. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your order is not held up because of artwork problems. We have a design team on staff to assist in fixing logo issues. Often times we can recreate your logo quickly.  There may be artwork incurred depending on the time it takes to recreate your logo.


What is PMS Color Matching and why does my artwork spec have PMS numbers?

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System®. It is the standard color matching system that allows printers to choose a color without leaving it up to an individuals’ subjectivity.  Each color in the Pantone color chart corresponds to a particular number so that if you say your logo is royal blue, we can pick an accurate PMS Code that will match your color requirements.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Because computer monitors display colors in RGB format, the color that you see on your screen may not be accurately calibrated to the actual PMS color chart.

To see an online PMS Chart click here.


Looking for the correct embroidery thread color?

Due to the differences in Computer Monitors, the colors displayed should be used only as guides. Embroidery threads should always be matched to the appropriate physical color card. Not all thread colors are carried by all of our decorators - check with your Account Manager for availability.

To see an online Robinson-Anton Embroiderey Thread Chart click here.
To see an online Madeira Embroidery Thread Chart click here.
To see an online Isacord Embroidery Thread Charge click here.


Is digitizing necessary for embroidered names & numbers ?

It's not necessary to incur a digitizing/set-up charge for embroidered names and numbers. Simply pick from the available embroidery stock fonts chart below, and determine the height of the letters/numbers you wish to embroider.

To see an online Embroidery Stock Font Chart click here.


Where should I send my artwork?

  • Send it to your Account Manager’s email address
  • Mail a CD to:

8201 Shaffer Parkway
Suite A
Littleton, CO  80127
Attn: Art Department

  • For Larger Files you can FTP directly to our server. Call Renae (x228) at 877.626.9494 for login information.



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